Tourbillon Magazin


About the magazine

What expectations do you have of the creators of TOURBILLON magazine?

Two things: strict OBJECTIVITY in journalism and resounding PURCHASING POWER in the readership!

What does that mean in concrete terms: As a reader or consumer, you can expect professional and, above all, independent journalism from a watch magazine, not a “hurray” or “copy-paste” journalism that certain competitors have successfully maintained for decades. The founder of TOURBILLON Magazin’s guaranteed for objective journalism with over 45 years of experience. Word for word, line for line. Paragraph after paragraph. Page by page. And “Swiss Made” like with watches.

As an advertiser, you can expect readers or consumers who can also buy your products, for which the magazine also advertises. As the founder of TOURBILLON Magazin’s with over 45 years of experience, I stand for the high-quality readership – usually Ultra High Net Worth Individuals – with my name.

With TOURBILLON MAGAZINE and all other communication platforms, we create a clear «win-win» situation between the interests of the readers and the interests of the advertisers. Convince yourself with an annual subscription. or book an advertisement, because advertisements are the key to independence – to objective journalism.

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