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TOURBILLON – the original Swiss watch magazine, original «Swiss Made», is the first and only Swiss public magazine to take up the increasingly recognizable interest in Swiss luxury wristwatches, which is especially true for mechanical watches in the top price segment: the Tourbillon’s, the supreme discipline of Swiss watchmaking, and the new releases as well as proven classics of recent years. As well as watches with complications. These include watches with date and / or weekday display, power reserve display or second time zone. The more demanding, large complications include world clocks, chronographs, alarm clocks, clocks with striking mechanism, perpetual calendar and minute repeater.

The magazine, which has been published quarterly since 2005 in two languages – German and English – celebrates the subject of the WATCH – not isolated like all its competitors – but “The wristwatch is a complementary part of the lifestyle as in life,” says the founder and today’s brand ambassador Karl Heinz Nuber, “The wristwatch is a distinctive statement by women and men,” says Nuber. He was the first journalist to make the “watch” topic accessible to a broad public out of pure passion and real passion over 45 years ago and not as a pure commissioner like today’s so-called “journalists”.

TOURBILLON sees itself as an “all interest” magazine – an indispensable advertising platform for the luxury good’s industry that combines watches, people and lifestyle at the highest level. The TOURBILLON magazine is a special print medium in all respects. Phone in A4 format, exceptional in terms of quality, distinctive in its editorial approach, creative in its magazine layout, unique in its distribution – only available online – international shipping. Always in line with our requirements; only the best should be good enough for our readers and advertisers.

The TOURBILLON MAGAZINE is supported by the TOURBILLON BLOG, by publishing up-to-date topics and insider information as well as by TOURBILLON TV with focus topics.

Michel Jordi was actually responsible for TOURBILLON Cover No. 1 provided

There is a story about the cover: Michel Jordi was actually planned for the cover of the TOURBILLON edition. During a presentation of TOURBILLON magazine in the Richemont group, you saw Michel Jordi on the cover of issue No. 1. The responsible media buyer immediately made me an offer. “Jean-Daniel Proellochs fits the cover better,” he suggested to me. I’m paid double if I cover Proellochs. “And if not”? Then you are out of the Richemont group. That was how the watch industry ticked even then.

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