Tourbillon Magazin


Discover the world of the TOURBILLON universe



  • TOURBILLON MAGAZINE (bilingual German & English, 4 times a year, circulation, 10,000 copies, 1,000 subscribers, UHNWI)
  • Pocket TOURBILLON (mystery shopping, published once a year)
  • TOURBILLON catalog (published once a year)
  • TOURBILLON BLOG TICK-TALK (550,000 unique visitors, with the repeaters 1.3 million per month)
  • ART OF TOURBILLON (Show Summit Charity Dinner, Charity Auction, once a year)
  • TOURBILLON TV (production of thematic videos from the watch industry)


Reach 2.2 million potential watch lovers, all willing and affluent UHNWI clientele with a minimum average household income of 1.5 million Swiss francs, this clientele invests 600,000 Swiss francs annually in luxury goods.

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